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Morris Plains 




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We hope you will find the answer to your questions on this page.  There is also a "contact" form at the end of the page if you wish to get in touch with us, and, of course, we'd love to get a telephone call from you at (973) 285-0884

The Parish Office is open Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am - 5 pm and on Fridays from 10 am - 4 pm. If you call in the evening or at a time when no one is in the office, please leave a message on the answering machine and we'll get back to you.

You will find our worship services on this page.

coffee hour
our buildings & grounds


St. Paul's is easily reached from a number of starting points.  You can use our Directions page, or go to any number of sites that offer driving directions (i.e., Google.com, Yahoo.com, Expedia.com, Mapquest.com).  Our full address is: 29 Hillview Avenue, Morris Plains, New Jersey  07950-2114. 


A large municipal parking lot, owned by St. Paul's and maintained by Morris Plains under a lease, is located across the street from the church and adjoins Simons Park. In addition, there is on-street parking.

Children / Child Care

Children are always welcome at St. Paul's.  During worship, they may remain with you or go to the staffed playroom off the Lounge. 

Coffee Hour

Church Lounge

Between September and June, coffee, tea and assorted goodies are usually offered after the 10 am service in the
Lounge. To get to the Lounge after the service, take the exit from the front of the church (nearer the altar) and go straight down the hall to the double doors that open to the Lounge. The rest rooms are located on your left just before the double doors.


That all important question - where are the restrooms?  We have four restrooms at St. Paul's. Two are on the lower level near the classrooms and two are on the upper level outside the Lounge.

From the Hillview Avenue entrance, go straight ahead, down the stairs.  At the bottom, the Women's room is straight ahead.  The Men's room is to your right.  For the restrooms on the upper level, when leaving the service, exit by the front of the church (nearer the altar) and head down the hall towards the Lounge.  There will be a Women's room and a Men's room on your left, just before the Lounge.

Our Buildings and Grounds

Our picturesque Church building was built over a two-year period in 1928. The Church itself is of traditional local “puddingstone” construction, with a muted, multi-colored slate roof and topped by a bell tower. Entering through large oak doors, the Church seats approximately 175 people in two rows of pews on either side of a wide center aisle. Leaded glass windows line the walls of the Church, while a beautiful stained-glass window depicting Christ in four biblical scenes rises above the raised altar and choir benches. Local tradition has it that the building is an exact replica of a much-older church somewhere in England. In any case, it has a warmly inviting storybook character about it, set far back as it is from the street, behind the spreading branches of a huge old beech tree. This unique and lovely architecture is frequently what first draws newcomers to St. Paul’s. 

Attached to the Church proper are a sacristy, vesting room and choir room. The large Undercroft is used for meetings and social occasions and has a large, well-equipped kitchen. A significant addition, featuring church offices, a lounge, a nursery, and Sunday School classrooms, was completed in the late 1960’s. 

Adjacent to the Church is our memorial garden, used for the burial of the ashes of departed parishioners and friends. A memorial plaque listing the names of those interred in the garden is located just inside the front door of the Church.


Perhaps you'd like to come to a church event?  Each fall, we have a large fair called "Marktplatz" which is a fun time for all.  In the past we've also enjoyed an old-fashioned "Spaghetti Dinner" fundraiser, had Mardi Gras parties, held an Easter egg hunt, had a Family Game Night, and much more.